Deep Nature :

Your true nature

Awake your senses and immerse yourself in the Deep Nature’s world. Discover our signature treatment,
beauty and massage oil, candle, room spray, shower gel, body lotion and herbal teas.

Find Deep Nature’s expertise and excellence inside this range used in our spas. Our products are exclusively composed of natural ingredients, discover them during a treatment and recreate the soothing Deep Nature experience at home.

Your true nature

Immersion Deep Nature’s fragrance

«L’Immersion» fragrance will awake your senses with a subtle blend of ocean mist and exotic scents, a balance between nature and feminity. Inspired by Polynesia, this fragrance invites you to dive into your true nature.

Discover this unique perfume in our signature treatment «L’Immersion» and also in our scented candle, beauty and massage oil, body lotion, shower gel and in our room spray.

Deep Nature Products

« Oxygen » Energizing beauty and massage oil – 100% organic

L’Oxygène, energising beauty and massage oil, made with 100% organic botanical oils, combines the benefits of Arnica and Wintergreen essential oil, to promote relaxation and physical recovery.

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« Immersion » Relaxing beauty and massage oil

Dive into the soothing universe of Deep Nature's Spas and Thalassos with the relaxing L'Immersion beauty oil, and its captivating aquatic fragrance.

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L’IMMERSION Hair and Body Shower Gel

Recreate the Deep Nature experience at home in your shower every morning, thanks to this delicatly scented hair and body shower gel.

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Hydrating body cream « Immersion »

Deep Nature’s “L’Immersion” body lotion, has been specifically designed to hydrate, nourish and beautify your skin. Delicately perfumed L’Immersion will provide you with an instant feeling of well-being. All of Deep Nature’s know-how in a body lotion.

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Deep Nature herbal teas Energy and detox, to suits your everyday mood

Our herbal teas are developed in France by Violette Mazza a naturopath. Discover them while you visit one of our Deep Nature spa’s relaxation areas.

« DEEP ENERGIE » herbal tea

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Deep detox herbal tea

Try this delicious mix of maté, ginger, citronella, peppermint and cardamom, a true source of well-being.

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Deep Nature
signature treatments

« Immersion »

« Immersion » Deep Nature signature treatments

Adapted to meet your requirements. Deep Nature has created a personalised massage called «Immersion».
Surrender yourself to the expert hands of our practitioners. Depth and relaxation are the very meaning of this signature massage.



Let nature’s gifts take you for a journey beyond the summits.
Deep Nature Spa Arc 1950 has developed a signature ritual face and body treatment «Beyond the mountains» inspired by local precious minerals.

« Deep & Swing »


A signature treatment using golf balls! Between swings on the green, come and unwind with our ritual treatment consisting of a herbal body scrub, a relaxing mineral rich mud application, followed by a massage combining golf balls and massage maneuvers.

« Red carpet »<


Red Carpet Signature 2 hours Treatment is a radiance-boosting facial that leaves your skin smooth, fresh and firm, while a long-lasting makeup look is exactly what you need to dance the night away.


« MEDITERRANEAN » Soin signature du spa Deep Nature de L’hôtel L’Exedra de Nice

Deep Nature has specially created the Natural Mediterranean signature treatment which begins with a hammam experience and a full body scrub to prepare and purify the skin before a relaxing massage with lavender essential oils. This relaxing and energizing massage relieves muscular tensions, and stimulates circulation while providing optimal relaxation.

« Clarins in Provence »

« Clarins in Provence » Every step of this exceptional treatment leads you towards a sense of harmony and well-being:

Hammam, exfoliation with plant powder, relaxing massage with lavender sachets.

« Tahitian Wave by Algotherm »


The Signature treatment of Deep Nature Spa Tahiti evokes the surf of waves like a beneficial and relaxing coming and going. It associates a gentle exfoliating black sand scrub with a rhythmical wrapping massage which mixes Lomi Lomi techniques and Polynesian know-how.

« Polynesian Treat Massage »


The « Polynesian Treat » is the Spa signature treatment which includes a sensual relaxing full body massage inspired by old Tahitian massage techniques with Hei Poa Monoï and tropical scents. A real treat !

Bora Bora


Deep Ocean Spa is recommending the signature Bora Bora Deep Blue Massage. Deep Ocean Spa Bora Bora signature treatment uses the benefits of deep sea water products specially created by Algotherm (The Elixir and the Divine cream). It includes a moisturizing oil effleurage using marine purses followed by a relaxing massage.

My first Spa©

Let your child discover the benefits of a massage (back, face, neck and arms), for a first moment of serenity.

Mon premier SPA ® Children only!

Children only! Let your child discover the benefits of a massage (back, face, neck and arms), for a first moment of serenity.

Tiny toes Discovering the pleasure of a foot massage

with a 15 minutes foot massage Deep Nature takes care of your child's feet from 4 to 10 years old!

Tandem Parents / Children Children and parent massage

For wonderful family moments, Deep Nature Spa invites you to share a massage with your children from 4 to 10 years old

My first beauty treatments It’s never too early to start!

Learn the basic techniques to help your children take care of your face and enhance your natural beauty. From 11 to 16 years old

Glam Hand and Feet Just like mummy!

Beautiful hands and feet treatment with nail polish application. From 11 to 16 years old.

Partner brands

the benefits of seaweed

Algotherm products go to work for your skin and well-being at all Deep Nature spas and thalassotherapy spas. The vitamins, oligo-elements, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, amino acids and essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9) that occur naturally in seaweed infuse your skin with radiance, vitality and beauty

The products in the Algotherm range are made from active ingredients that are derived 100% from sea plants Sea-based active ingredients are used to create products with anti-ageing, hydrating, slimming and firming properties.

The Algotherm Research & Development Laboratory is constantly analysing and testing the properties of dozens of algae varieties to give your skin the best the sea has to offer .


  • a pioneering brand in sea-derived cosmetics,
  • 50 years of innovation and research,
  • products that combine marine technology and well-being.

To learn more about the powers of seaweed: http://www.algotherm.com

Clarins, N°1 in luxury skin care

Clarins was created by Jacques Courtin-Clarins with the love and respect for women. It all began in Paris in 1954, when Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened his first Clarins Institute
Today, the brand is the European leader in luxury skin care. Their botanical-based makeup and skincare is the result of their love for nature and the constant global search for the purest, most beautifully beneficial ingredients Clarins, the French family brand that reveals the natural beauty of women across the globe.

Five worlds - beauty as a ritual

Cinq Mondes, offers a range of made in France natural cosmetics created in its Paris laboratory. CINQ MONDES cosmetic products, inspired by ancient recipes and converted into cutting-edge cosmetics by a Pharmacy PhD., are

developed in accordance with the following Natural Formulation Guidelines :

  • Selection of organic or natural ingredients
  • Without paraben nor phenoxyethanol
  • Without silicone nor mineral oil
  • Without artificial colouring
  • Tested under dermatological control.

Hei Poa: sacred oil

No fewer than 10 Polynesian active ingredients are used to formulate the range of Hei Poa products
Hei Poa monoi oil is a natural oil extracted from coconut flesh that has been infused with fresh Tahitian gardenias (also known as Tiaré flowers)
Revered as a sacred oil in Polynesia, monoi oil is used to moisturize, nourish, repair and protect the skin. Its cosmetic properties and unique fragrance make it a naturally effective product for skin and body care


First treatments suitable for sensitive skin for children 3 to 12 years.

A world that is 100% children, 100% delicious, 100% French!

The 3 key values of Nougatine Paris are: safety, performance andrncraftsmanship.

    What is Nougatine Paris?

  • A range of products for face and body, of natural origin no parabens,rnno animal raw materials, dermatologically tested, formulated withrningredients and gourmet flavors.
  • Care adapted to the specificities and tastes of children to takernpleasure in taking care of their skin at a young age.

    What is in the products ?

  • A Hydro-Protect exclusive Organic complex, consisting of 4 ingredients and gourmet organic: Macadamia oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Honey and Maple Syrup.
  • An ideal combination to improve hydration of the skin and create arnnatural protective barrier.