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Polynesie The Brando Resort

With its idyllic location on the freshwater lake of the Tetiaroa Atoll, the Deep Nature spa at the Brando Hotel is a real haven of well-being, offering a unique voyage of the senses, and reuniting exclusivity, privacy, luxury and harmony in an earthly paradise.

An exceptional spa in Polynesia

Stretching over 2,000 m² of natural abundant vegetation, the spa suites offer spectacular views over the island. And perched high up in the trees, sits the exceptional Fare Menu suite, nestling like a cocoon between heaven and earth. The spa also includes quiet spaces for relaxation, including a steam bath, a waterfall, a tea lounge and the Fare Mana, an area set aside for soothing energies.

A la carte

Deep Nature proposes the Te Ora Mana signature experience, a unique treatment in harmony with natural resources to enhance beauty and inner peace. The experience begins with a body scrub, followed by a relaxing Polynesian massage using extra virgin coconut oil that will leave your skin delicately perfumed, soft and silky. 

Polynesie - The Brando Resort

The Brando is a unique luxury resort on French Polynesia’s breathtakingly beautiful private island of Tetiaroa. It is one of the first resort to be self-sufficient in renewable energy. The reef surrounding Tetiaroa and the large and spectacular coral beds in the inner and outer lagoons provide a perfect place for marine life to flourish. The Brando resort features 35 private villas with 41 rooms, two restaurants and two bars. The resort was designed to reflect Polynesian lifestyles and culture.

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Polynesie - The Brando Resort
Polynesie - The Brando Resort

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