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The essential facial - Exclusive protocol created by deep nature - In just 25 minutes, your skin will feel refreshed, radiant and regenerated.

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With our Essential Facial, your skin will receive an intense radiance boost under the effects of a cleanser, a gentle facial scrub, and a remineralising mask with Iroise seaweed. Adapt the Essential Facial Treatment to suit your skin’s needs, whether it is dry, devitalised, oily-prone, combination or mature...

Customise your experience to reflect your uniqueness! Your facial features will appear rested and your complexion is left glowing.

Duration: 25 minutes

A personalised treatment tailored to your skin  

Based on recommendations from your Deep Nature spa therapist, the customised Essential Facial works deeply within your skin in form of a cleanser, scrub and mask while targeting its most basic needs in a tailored manner. This treatment is ideal for those who wish to restore the healthy radiance of their skin, regardless of their skin type: dry, combination, devitalised, sensitive, oily-prone, etc. You will instantly feel recharged and your skin will appear revived!

Treatment protocol

After thoroughly cleansing the face, your Deep Nature expert will use a gentle mineral scrub to eliminate dead skin cells. A remineralising mask with Iroise seaweed is then applied to leave your skin plumped and refreshed. During the mask application time, a manual massage is performed to leave your facial features looking more rested. Finally, with the help of your Deep Nature spa therapist, you will select a moisturiser adapted to your needs: hydrating and revitalising or regenerating and repairing. Your skin will finally breathe with life again!

Why select this treatment?

What’s to love about it:

  • Customise your treatment to your skin’s needs.  
  • Reveal a luminous, glowing complexion and more rested-looking skin in just 25 minutes!
  • Receive the benefits of natural products applied using a Konjac sponge made from 100% natural plant-sourced fibres, which cleanses your skin deep-down and reactivates micro-circulation without irritating the skin.
  • The treatment’s flexibility makes it ideal for both men and women. Pregnant women can also enjoy it with total peace of mind.
  • The Deep Nature gift: take your Konjac sponge with you and adopt an effective at-home cleansing routine (sponge can be reused for 4-6 months). This natural sponge formulated with charcoal or clay stimulates micro-circulation and provides deep cleansing without irritating the skin.

Cosmetic products used in this treatment


Reveal the nature of your beauty...differently

Deep Nature has designed a holistic beauty protocol with you in mind. These three customised treatments for the face and neck are performed based on your time availability and your skin's current condition.

Sensitive, dry, devitalised, mature or oil: 15 treatment combinations are possible! The treatment phase for all three facials includes a cleansing, scrub and mask steps. Special massage techniques enhance the experience for even more relaxation.

The secret weapon of our treatments: A Konjac sponge made with 100% natural plant-sourced fibres to provide gentle exfoliation. During your next visit, try our Ideal Facial (45 min) or Ultimate Facial (75 min).

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