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Deep Nature has drawn the unique inspiration for its range of powerful, world-class cosmetics from the Earth itself. A complete beauty ritual was born from the majestic Alps, lush Polynesia, and the mystic volcanos of Iceland. Two steps are designed to reactivate the skin’s vital functions: purify and detoxify; nourish and regenerate.


A journey to the centre of... the skinwith Etienne Soudant, Biology Research Director and Honorary President of the French Cosmetology Society.

Discover the inestimable virtues of minerals and trace elements, which activate the skin’s vital functions to allow it to fight premature ageing and damaging factors like stress, pollution, and fatigue. On the menu: new radiance for your skin, more firmness, and natural formulas that can stand up to anything, with no artificial ingredients.

Deep Nature Skincare


The true story of perfectly traceable, proven-effective active ingredients.

  • Icelandic volcanic powders
    Icelandic volcanic powders Discover
  • Tamanu
    Tamanu Discover
  • Iceland moss
    Iceland moss Discover
  • Binchotan Charcoal from Japan
    Binchotan Charcoal from Japan Discover
  • Seaweed from the Iroise Sea
    from the Iroise Sea
  • Argentière subglacial water
    Argentière subglacial water Discover
  • Brazilian clay
    Brazilian clay Discover

Icelandic volcanic powders

At the crossroads of two tectonic plates, Iceland is the land of mighty volcanic forces. We draw our inspiration from the treasures of this geothermal land: crystal-clear lagoons rich in trace elements, exfoliating lava, and mineral salts. Deep Nature has selected two types of volcanic sand with complementary, regular-sized particles to create a fine, highly effective purifying mineral scrub.


Tamanu oil, with its delicate fragrance reminiscent of walnuts, is an extraordinary vegetable oil from Polynesia. It is cold-pressed from the fruits of Calophyllum inophyllum and has been included in the traditional pharmacopoeia of Polynesia for centuries as a powerful remedy for skin irritation and cuts caused by coral. Its regenerating, healing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and moisturising properties have earned it the title of “green gold of the Pacific”.

Iceland moss

Iceland moss (Cetraria islandica) is a surprising, very hardy lichen made up of an alga and a fungus living in symbiosis. It grows where no plant can survive: around the Arctic Circle and especially in Iceland. Like all lichens, it has numerous therapeutic virtues thanks to the presence of lichenin, a polysaccharide that moisturises and stimulates the skin’s defence mechanisms.

Binchotan Charcoal from Japan

Charcoal is known for its exceptional ability to absorb and eliminate impurities and pollutants in a single step. Deep Nature has selected a unique charcoal used since the fourteenth century in the Japanese pharmacopoeia for its ability to sanitise water: Binchotan charcoal. Derived from a unique variety of oak known as ubame, it has been cultivated in the Wakayama province for generations. Its purifying, detoxifying properties are quite potent, making it an excellent product for skin brimming with health.

from the Iroise Sea

Brittany is home to a host of natural treasures. The Iroise Sea, off the coast, is often rough and its storms are more violent than elsewhere. The kelp that grows in these tempestuous waters has developed uncommon self-defence and reconstruction mechanisms relying on fucoidan, a compound that stimulates cell metabolism. For our cosmetics, Deep Nature has selected a hydrolysed kelp extract with strong reparative and regenerating properties.

Argentière subglacial water

Carefully collected by Chamonix glaciologists, the Argentière subglacial water is very rich in trace elements and highly beneficial to the skin. Argentière subglacial water is high in calcium, which restores the skin’s natural barrier, and silicon, known for its ability to improve skin firmness and elasticity. This water strengthens skin and increases its ability to fight environmental damage and the signs of ageing.

Brazilian clay

Clay has time-tested absorbent, remineralising, toning, and soothing properties. This unique raw material is a preferred ingredient in cosmetology. It is derived from sedimentary rock and is a rich source of minerals and trace elements, including magnesium, copper, and manganese. For its unprecedented formulas, Deep Nature has selected several complementary clays from the controlled mines of Santa Catarina in Brazil’s Tijucas region.


Perform an easy, customisable, bespoke beauty routine every day.

Your skin is purified, moisturised, and radiant in just two steps!

Personalise your face ritual

Since you know what your skin needs better than anyone else, Deep Nature offers a fully customisable range of natural cosmetics. Add water, floral mists, plant-based milks, or oils to achieve any texture or property you want!


Semi-finished DIY cosmetics: add water, floral mists, plant-based milks, or oils to match your skin’s needs.

Read, set, pamper!

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Bowl & Whisk kit for an effective customised mask

34,00 €

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Multiple-use cosmetics: compose your bespoke product by adding a few drops of oil to a Deep Nature cream.

Simply divine!

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Formulated for dehydrated, normal to combination skin, this moisturising, fortifying and softening cream gives you al uminous skin, incredibly soft and visibly stronger.

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