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LYON Spa Le Tigre Yoga

Le Tigre Yoga is launching its first center in the heart of Lyon, next to the Grand Hôtel-Dieu.

A unique 700 m2 venue dedicated to well-being, comprising 2 large Yoga/Pilates studios, a fitness room, a Deep Nature spa with 3 cabins - including a double one -, a sauna, a hammam and a studio for private lessons.

What is waiting for you at le tigre yoga club & spa

- An invitation to "let go" and to relax your body and mind through soft and dynamic disciplines, treatments and consultations ...

- Expert hands to bring you what you need: relaxation, energy, beauty care...

- A choice of three unique facial treatments, with multiple combinations: joining the expertise of our practitioners and the natural active ingredients of Deep Nature Skincare products.

- A calm and zen atmosphere, a quiet and bright space, in "Le Tigre" style.

- A peaceful and relaxing tearoom to intersperse your day with soothing breaks.

Services adapted for an urban break

- More than 70 classes per week for adults and children

- Wednesdays and children weekends

- Mats, straps, yoga bricks & Pilates equipment free of charge

- Bio bar area and library, open at all hours

- Shop with a selection of books and accessories for yoga practice

Tailored for you


An "in-house" massage to free your mind, reconnect with your bodily essence, move energy through the fasciae and organs, and harmonize your mind and your body.

Locatethe spa

Grand Hôtel-Dieu
7 Grand Cloître
69002 - Lyon

Contact the spa
Tél. 04 81 65 14 62 Contact the spa by email
LYON - Spa Le Tigre Yoga

Le Tigre Yoga Lyon

Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Lyengar, Yin yoga, meditation...Pilates, floor barre, strengthening exercises, box, cardio, massage, treatments, sauna, hammam, healthy bar... Le Tigre Lyon offers you more than 70 classes per week

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opening time

Monday : 7h30 - 21h00
Tuesday : 7h30 - 21h00
Wednesday : 7h30 - 21h00
Thursday : 7h30 - 21h00
Friday : 7h30 - 21h00
Saturday : 7h30 - 21h00
Sunday : 7h30 - 21h00

LYON - Spa Le Tigre Yoga
LYON - Spa Le Tigre Yoga

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