DEEP NATURE, a Snow Group brand

Snow Group is

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... a group above all

It's about offering wellness to our customers, our employees and our partners. In France, in Europe and internationally. Through treatments, cosmetics and well-being activities. With brands that complement each other and stand out from the crowd.
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... Europe's leading spa company

Wellness, spa and beauty: we offer tailor-made solutions to meet every need in the many spas we operate around the world.
We work with prestigious partners (Marriott group, Club Med, IHG, Kempinski etc.) in the most beautiful parts of the world, with a constant concern for quality and efficiency.
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... a 360° vision, unique in the world of wellness

We've been mastering the entire spa chain for more than 20 years: from the study and design of spas through to the operation of sites; from the development and manufacture of our products in our own factories in France, to their marketing; from recruitment to the ongoing training of our teams.
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... the expert in spa treatments and cosmetics

We have developed three brands with complementary positionings, enabling us to meet every need, purpose and project.
From products to treatment protocols, these brands offer inspiring stories and complete, effective customer journeys.
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Snow Group sells dreams

We are constantly reinventing ourselves to offer our customers a genuinely human approach that's all about respect for nature and our customers; a strong commitment to CSR, business expertise, meeting customer needs; a visionary approach to continue to shake up the market; generating emotion through enchanting scents, out-of-the-ordinary locations, treatments packed with sensations.
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