DEEP NATURE always favours the purity and effectiveness of its active ingredients over the complexity of its formulas:

  • Since our creation, we have been developing vegan formulas with 100% ingredients of natural origin without any petrochemicals or controversial ingredients.
  • For maximum safety, our face products are formulated without perfume and therefore contain no allergens.
  • With total transparency, our formulas are short, without superfluous ingredients, readable and understandable. Nothing to hide !
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Powerful ingredients

The water from the Argentière Glacier is extremely rich in minerals and trace elements and packed with benefits for the skin :
- Calcium restores the skin's natural barrier.
- Silicon improves firmness and elasticity.
The skin's mineral balance is restored, leaving it stronger and better able to combat the effects of ageing and external damage.
Intensive repair : TAMANU
Tamanu oil is 100% natural with a delicate, nutty fragrance. It is an extraordinary plant oil from Polynesia. This highly effective treatment oil is regenerating, healing, soothing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturising.
Rest and recovery : DEEP DORMIN
Deep Nature has chosen to focus on the concept of 'Slow Ageing' by creating its Deep Dormin active ingredient. This active ingredient is an extract of dormant summer snowflake bulbs that preserves the youthfulness of cells by giving them more time for renewal.
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DEEP NATURE is committed in each of its actions to allow the total recycling of its packaging, to avoid all unnecessary waste, to save the superfluous by smiling at the nearest.

We strive every day to improve our practices and customs for a positive impact on our environment, our teams and our guests. The human element is essential in our business. DEEP NATURE cares about the well-being of its employees: taking care of those who take care of us is a commitment that is particularly important to us.

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At DEEP NATURE, there are no long beauty routines, but solutions that can be combined according to the state of the skin, the needs of the moment or even the weather conditions of the day! Minimalism is a question of honesty: offering personalised, unisex and effective skin care at a fair price.

How did the very first massage come about?

From the desire to unwind, soothe and relax the body: to act in line with what the person receiving the massage feels, but also with what the masseur senses under their fingers.
This simple, powerful idea is behind DEEP NATURE's brand new Inspiration massage: rediscovering the primary purpose of massage by going beyond pre-established protocols, for a totally personalised, made-to-measure service: a unique composition inspired by the body and the moment.
The personalisation of the Inspiration massage is expressed every minute and in the body's every reaction. To deliver the full potential and benefits of the massage, the spa therapist draws on a range of techniques that she orchestrates through different parameters (rhythm, pressure, etc.). She combines the use of her hands with accessories designed to amplify the effects of certain movements.
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In our spas, naturalness is also expressed in the welcome and service. The relationship is simple and human. Our treatments favour the hand over the machine, using expertise rather than hi-tech methods, for special shared family time.


Inspiration, also designed for the well-being of our spa therapists

The repetition of standard techniques, within the framework of pre-established protocols, is the primary factor in workplace stress and injury for our staff. With Inspiration, our spa therapists reveal new skills in listening, choice of techniques and taking the initiative in their practice: a new, motivating and inspiring approach to the profession.
This is further proof of DEEP NATURE's commitment to a demanding CSR policy since its creation.

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